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Hands-on Training

Hands-on Workshops & On-the-Job Contractor Training

We are glad to work with the award-winning "Green" architects at Design Coalition to produce Hands-on Workshops & On-the-Job "Green" Housing Builder & Contractor Training.

For more information,

Forward to "Natural Home Building Workshops" at www.DesignCoalition.org

  How Green Is It thumbnail If you are new to the world of "Green", you may like an introduction to what our team means when we talk about "Green Housing."
Sue & Reuben
Photo: Design Coalition Institute Director, Sue Thering, on site at a model "Green" home
in Hertel WI with colleagues from St Croix Tribal Housing & Enterprises.

Design Coalition Institute, Inc. 2088 Atwood Ave. Madison WI. 53704 › 608.246.8846 › InstituteDirector@DesignCoalition.org