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Sustainable Futures Analysis Budget Workbook

The Sustainable Futures Analysis Budget Workbook© (SFA Workbook) is a spreadsheet format developed by the Director of Design Coalition Institute in partnership with the Lac du Flambeau Department of Planning, Northwoods Niijii, and the Lac du Flambeau UW-Extension. The SFA Workbook is set up so a community can track all municipal program budgets in one digital file, making it is easier for elected officials to allocate funds based on long-term "Sustainable Futures" goals.

The SFA Budget Workbook may be opened and used in most spreadsheet programs, like "Excel" or "Numbers."

The clipping below shows the first few lines of the cover page of a blank workbook:
A bit daunting?  Yes, at first glance, the Sustainable Futures Analysis Workbook© (SFA Workbook) may scare off anyone new to "spreadsheet" software or some of the language of "Sustainable Futures."
However, we encourage anyone who is dedicated to the long-term well-being of their community to familiarize themselves with the details. We are available to help!

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