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Affordable Green Housing

Yes. Safe, healthy, energy efficient, well constructed homes
can be

How?  Both the "first costs" of construction and the annual
costs of energy and maintenance can be more affordable than conventional housing, through thoughtful design.


Technical Assistance Partnerships for Affordable Green Housing

We are proud of our years of technical assistance partnerships for "Affordable Green Housing"
in collaboration with the award-winning architects at Design Coalition, including:
   • Professional development workshops for decision-makers.
   • On-the-job training for local builders and artisans.
   • Participatory design for multi-generational & special needs families.
   • Participatory design for inclusive Co-Housing groups.
   • Public/private partnerships for demonstration/model "Green" homes

If you would like to talk to someone on our team about your "Affordable Green Housing" project,
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how green is it
If you are new to the world of "Green", you may like an introduction to what our team means when we talk about "Affordable Green Housing."
Search the "Ecological Design" page on Design Coalition's website for model projects
  Overview our "Affordable Green Housing" Programs & Projects:
ADU Slide 1 Thumbnail
Slide #1 from an "Introduction
to ADUs" public event.
The "Green Accessory Dwelling Units"(ADUs) Initiative

We are delighted to take a leadership role in this nation-wide public information and technical assistance program. Our goal is to partner with 24 "Green-Thinking" homeowners from established single-family neighborhoods in Madison to design and build model "Green" ADUs.  

What are "ADUs? Why would I want one? What makes them "Green"? For answers Forward to our "Green ADUs" page

Union Corners Model
Photo of a "Green Infill" model
build by a community team
Participatory Design for Affordable Green Housing
Thoughtful design can make housing safe, comfortable, healthy, accessible, energy efficient, low-maintenance, more enduring, and more affordable than conventional construction. We coordinate and facilitate the multi-disciplinary and participatory processes required to plan, design, and construct Affordable Green Housing.

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Doug in Lab
Photo of our Science Team
at USDA FPR Labs
Northern Light Straw-Clay Construction Technology


We are coordinating an international research partnership that is enhancing the thermal and moisture performance of an ancient technology to stand up to the severe climates of the Upper Midwest.

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Map from Great Lakes
Inter-Tribal Council
Affordable Green Housing in "Indian Country"    


We have the honor of working in partnership with several First
Nations and Tribal Housing Agencies across the Upper Midwest.
To learn more about the "Affordable Green Housing in Indian Country" initiative:

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If you would like to talk to someone on our team about Affordable Green Housing,

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