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Introduction to Participatory Community Planning & Design   

From rural villages to urban neighborhoods, residents are increasingly interested in the idea of Green Communities and Sustainable Futures.
Our participatory processes are designed to respond to the
unique combination of ideas and conditions in each community.

To familiarize potential partners with our participatory processes, we prepared a slideshow that illustrates the general "flow of logic" with images from a variety of partnerships we've coordinated over the years.

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Participatory Community Planning and Design in "Indian Country":

We have had the honor of working in partnership with several First Nations and Tribal Housing and Tribal Planning agencies across the Upper Midwest. Over the years we learned about some of the challenges of land use planning on First Nations Lands (AKA American Indian Reservations).
In response, we developed a participatory mapping process that allows residents to determine "where to build and where not to build" without disclosing locations of sensitive natural and cultural resources.

To learn more:
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Photo Workshop Red Cliff
Photo from a workshop with residents of the Red Cliff Ojibwe Nation in Northern WI
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