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The "24 Green Accessory Dwelling Units in 24 Months Initiative":
A public information and technical assistance program.

GOAL: Help 24 homeowners in Madison build "Green ADUs" over the next 24 months.

NEW! Host a "Green ADU Block Party" for your friends and neighbors!
To learn if your single-family home/lot qualifies for our technical assistance program, or to arrange a "Block Party"
contact InstituteDirector@DesignCoalition.org

What are "Accessory Dwelling Units?" Forward to FAQs

Below are links to some informational materials. Check back soon for updates:

Accessory Dwelling Unit Bike Tour
(8.5 minute YouTube video)

A fun and very informative video documentary of an ADU Bike Tour organized by our ADU colleagues in Portland Oregon. Includes interviews with homeowners, architects, and planners and tours of five very different types and uses of ADUs. Used with permission.

Forward to our "INTRODUCTION TO ADUs" page

Topics include:
      • Definitions and Descriptions.
      • Excerpts from Madison's new "Green" Zoning Code.
      • Sample 10 Step process from planning to breaking ground.
      • Graphics comparing home energy use by size and levels of "Green"

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View and download a copy of a one-page handout about "Green ADUs"
Topics include:
      • Photos of backyard cottage type ADUs from around the country.
      • Sample 10 Step process from planning to move in.
      • Contact information for technical assistance with ADU projects

DOWNLOAD: "Green Accessory Dwelling Units" Handout
(160K pdf)


Our colleagues at www.AccessoryDwellings.org offer a one-stop site for all things ADU on the West Coast, regularly updated with research, innovative ideas, photos, videos, and interviews.

  ADU grapic from Portland
Visit www.AccessoryDwellings.org
   To learn what our team means when we talk about "Green"n"
   Forward to our "How Green Is It?" page.....

We welcome the support of local "Green" businesses and organizations

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ADU National Initiative: Our "Green ADU Initiative" is one of several such initiatives. We are working with affordable housing groups across the country to prepare policy recommendations for state and federal affordable housing agencies and organizations.

A Local Initiative: We are spearheading this initiative in Madison with the help of the award-winning architects at Design Coalition Inc in response to new allowances for ADUs in the City of Madison's new zoning code.

Check back often for updates and new information..........

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