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Technical Assistance Programs for "Green Communities"

Design Coalition Institute coordinates eight technical assistance programs
in support of "Green" communities.

For us, this means housing, facilities, openspace, neighborhoods, and communities that are:

   • Safe - for people of all ages and abilities.
   • Healthy - by choosing construction materials made from natural non-toxic materials.
   • Energy efficient - by thoughtful design and appropriate technology.
   • Ecologically responsible - with analysis of bioregional factors and landscape ecology.
   • Culturally responsive - with respect for local history, traditions, and memories.
   • Economically responsible - design for efficiency, longevity, & performance

HOW WE WORK: Multidisciplinary, Participatory, & Practical:

We develop programs and projects in response to requests for assistance from civic, educational, tribal, non-profit, neighborhood, grassroots, and governmental organizations. Our programs range from practical assistance with planning, design, and construction of affordable "Green" housing to hands-on workshops for "grassroots" program development and evaluation. We look forward to new ideas and new opportunities for collaboration.

For information about how to submit a Request for Assistance or a Partnership Proposal:
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How Green Is It? graphic
    New to the world of "Green"?   

    There are a lot of ways to think about, and talk about, "Green"     
    communities. Newcomers may want to review some materials
    we've developed for various public education events to get a
    sense of what we mean when we talk about "Green Communities"
    and "Affordable Green Housing."


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Current programs:
Photo Design Workshop Participatory Community Planning & Design

Our approach to public participation includes workshops that help residents learn the language of community development so they are better prepared to participate in decisions that effect their community.

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"Participatory Community Planning & Design" page

DC House graphic Affordable Green Housing Partnerships

Yes! Safe, healthy, energy efficient, well constructed homes
can be affordable.

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"Affordable Green Housing" page

GLITC MAP The Green Communities & Affordable Green Housing
in "Indian Country" Initiative

Yes, things are different in "Indian Country." We learned that is true the first time we responded to a request for technical assistance from one of our neighboring First Nations. We are glad to learn more.

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"Partnerships in Indian Country" page

service learning thumbnail

Service Learning with Action Research

What is "service-learning with "action-research?

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"Service-Learning with Action Research" page

Intro to Sustainability Indicators Sustainable Futures Analysis, Indicators, & Workbook

We work with neighborhood groups, tribal governments, and local governments to plan and facilitate participatory approaches to tracking a Sustainable Future.

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"Sustainable Futures Analysis page

Garver Report image Advocacy & Community Service Partnerships

As advocates for public service, we "walk the walk" by volunteering our professional skills for "Green Communities" projects in our neighborhood on the East Side of Madison.

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"Advocacy & Community Service Partnerships" page

Participatory Evaluation graphic Participatory Program Development & Evaluation

We work with leaders from grassroots organizations to develop
a way they can use their "insiders" knowledge to their advantage
for fund-raising and reporting.

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"Participatory Program Development & Evaluation" page

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